Test Run #1- Architectural Trail for ARTS-ED 28/12/09 by Lilin

First day of school. OH what a drag!

'Welcome back, I hope you have a good holiday, yadayadayada, Ihave faith in you, don't let me down, yadayadayada, if there is nothing else I have somethign to attend to, see you next year'

And after that, off we go to 19 Cannon Street for a meet up with Ms Janet Pillai (ARTS-ED). Turns out that we have a new assignment- to design an architectural self tour booklet for ARTS-ED (woohoo!).

With the awesome draft booklet in hand, off we go on a test run of the proposed route.
Trying hard to decipher the route
which way which way?
This is interesting- a timber house between 2 shophouses. will try to find out its story
Armenian street- there's a new cafe here. Try hunting for it
Observe the still intact wooden louvers. beautiful eh?
We walked around, snapped some pics, made some observations, and then we find ourselves back at 19 Cannon Street again. Time for brain storming now

'What do you think of this draft?'

'We think that, yadayadayada, it's good but then, yadayadayada'

'Have some tea'

'Mmm, the popiah's delicious!'

More yadayadayada-s, and then it's time to say goodbye. 

So now it's back to reading reading reading and design design design. Stay tuned for the publishing date :)

note: this architectural trail booklet is still an on-going project participated by various groups of students and professionals alike. the contents are copyrighted.