Heritage Outing 03 - URBAN SKETCH!
19/11/2009 by Mel C

It was a bright and sunny morning. Erm…it was a cheerful morning. No!!!! it was a crazy morning!!! Haahahhaha….

It was crazy that we ‘dared’ to do our sketches in public! It was crazy we received compliments from total strangers! It was crazy we carried out this activity at all!!

Okay, maybe I am rather modest and shy (hehhehe….) to have participated in this second event of a lifetime. But actually not so much if I am with crazy friends like the Storykeepers...we share out the silliness, you see…
Searching for buildings
Drop by at Penang UNESCO World Heritage Centre for a warm-up
To Syed Al Atas, or not to Syed Al Atas
So the story goes that a bunch of “tak mengaku tua”s turned up on scene, in the spirit to relive our first-year moments - long gone, departed moments, probably in the hope of reinserting whatever unfinished attempts we had at putting heritage scenes on paper. And we eventually found a spot that we settled into to continue our story.

Ahh, a comfortable place
Urban sketching can be fun!
We share a special bond – we and the heritage buildings. We like to draw them, and the buildings create a setting for us in return. In Asian cities with mixed-grain of activities, nobody is ever alone, no trade is ever by itself and the buildings we draw do embody such a character. (whether captured or not in our drawings is another matter…hehehe…) And how is it so? Well, through the terraced shophouses - each modified to suit different trades, through the openings on the façade – framing interior and exterior – truly windows of space and events, and the simple interchange of activities as time passes by, to name a few. 

The act of sketching itself also created a few good moments for us. We had onlookers of local people and foreign tourists ‘admiring’ our sketches and some nearly gave us a pat on our backs. (LOL. Exaggerating again, but I felt it…haha…)
Above is the collection of sketches. Total of 3 hours each.
Group photo (without the photographer)
One cool suggestion: if you just had a bad day or suddenly feel the need for some unfounded affection(!), take a piece of paper and go make yourself visible and approachable to pedestrian traffic. Mindlessly scribble a scene. Whether you maintain an elegant air or not, be prepared for some uplifting moments from strangers whom you only meet for one moment in your lifetime! Heheh… If you need company for doing such silly things, the Storykeepers are at your dispense!*

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