OLD vs NEW 06/17/2009

Here's the thing. The StoryKeepers have been talking to a whole lot of people and we found out that, a majority of young people are not interested in heritage:

'haiya, why want to preserve old things?' 

'old is boring'

'dude, you make more money doing modern buildings!'

'how can you say that it's beautiful? it's so old!'

Then, there's the other bunch of people:

'if we don't preserve them, where's the proof of history to show to your children?'

'old is gold weh'

What do you have to say?


    Bumbling around Georgetown (and wherever containing fragments of our heritage), we love to soak ourselves in  the delightful tales that each building is eager to tell. And then we tell them to you.


    June 2009


    Old Vs New

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