Hi people, ever wished that you can tell great stories to your grandchildren one day? What about, telling them that you did play a part in branding Georgetown?

Okayyyy, now i think i hear.... 'huh? branding??? what is that ah?' i have the same question too, so off i went to wikipedia.

A brand is a name or trademark connected with a product or producer. Brands have become increasingly important components of culture and the economy, now being described as "cultural accessories and personal philosophies".

okay, so that is branding according to wikipedia. The way i explain it, branding is what three stripes is to adidas and the tick to nike.

So branding Georgetown is really something that will last! What a great story to tell then.

Prizes are really great too. For the three finalist, they will receive RM10,000.00 each. that is a lot of zeroes there. Competition closes on the 15th November 2009.

For more information, do click on the poster or hop over to

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CONSERVATION AND HERITAGE (08.08.09 & 15.08.09)

Conservation and heritage. Finally there's a talk about this topic. Wait. There're TWO talks! Details:
Date       : 8th August 2009
Title        : Heritage and Conservation
Speaker  : Ar Ahmad Najib Ariffin
Time        : 9.00 am to 12.90 pm
Venue     : PAM Centre Kuala Lumpur
Date       : 15th August 2009
Title        : Heritage and Conservation
Speaker  : Assoc Prof Dr Yahaya Ahmad
Time        : 9.00 am to 12.90 pm
Venue     : PAM Centre Kuala Lumpur
The StoryKeepers encourages readers to go for this rare topic. 15th August is the starting of our mid semester break anyways, so it will be a good time to hop to KL (it's the Mega Sales month too! Killing 2 birds with one stone).

Alright then. For more info, surf over to See ya there.


The GBI talk is back again. Many of us attended the one last year, but this year's is even packed with more action (so we heard). Apparently this talk includes the tutoring of calculations of OTTV and RTTV, so all are encouraged to go. USM students pay only RM50 provided if you register by 24 July 2009 by 12.00 noon latest. HBP students are sponsored now (thanks to Mr Yeoh). Attendance of RAS 500 is compulsory, others are on a first come first serve basis. So HURRY!

Synopsis of Presentation
Change has come our way as we face up to the challenge of the ever increasing awareness of sustainability and energy efficient designs.  When we talk to clients and consultants about it, no longer should we say leave it to the engineers.  Instead, Architects must be well acquainted with the subject just as much as the Engineers should be aware of the value of passive design.

The MS 1525:2007 is the Code of Practice for designing energy efficient buildings.  It was first published in 2001 by SIRIM.  With rising energy costs, it was proposed to introduce the provisions of MS1525 into the UBBL 1984 in 2005.  However, it was found to be outdated.  SIRIM therefore re-formed a working committee to update the code of practice.  The updated version was published in November 2007 and is now awaiting incorporation into the UBBL 1984.

The time has come for Architects to know more about the implications and duties imposed on Architects under this Code of Practice. This presentation serves to inform Architects about the MS1525:2007 and highlight  the role of the Architect in incorporation passive design features in order to comply with MS1525.  Exercises for computing OTTV and RTTV for buildings will be done.  It is worthwhile to note that MS1525 will feature prominently in PAM/ACEM’s upcoming Green Building Index rating system for buildings.
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To cut long story short, click to download the GBI flyer or surf over to  for more info.


Feeling like going on a colour frenzy? Frustrated with the colours of 'refurbished' heritage buildings (unadulterated is the key word here). Start a revolution on how the new old buildings should be painted.

The Nippon Paint Young Designer Award (NPYDA) is organized by Nippon Paint, and is established to give recognition to young, talented designers in Malaysia. (Without doubt, I bet 99% of the entries will be on new buildings.)

For 2009, the objective of this project is to test student’s skills in the application of colour trends; applying creativity into the projects; to elaborate on their selections; encourage young designers and to strengthen the international competitive edge of Malaysian original designs of “future designers”.

The Storykeepers think that this is a good platform for you to be creative, bold and unconventional to showcase your ideas on how to colour these elegant buildings. Don't let those authorities splash some kiddy colours and let's not forget those 'oh-so-sweet' pastel colours and get away with it!

For more information, and product requirement, colour chip or entry form download, please click on the poster.



People, The PAM photography competition is on!

Themed 'HERITAGE ARCHITECTURE AROUND US', this competition hopes to stir some awareness of the heritage significance and architectural value of old buildings among the public'. (The StoryKeepers say: HOORAY! IT'S ABOUT TIME! People seems to think that everything new equates good. Hey, without old, there's no new!)

Best part is, entries are submitted at no cost! Yep, it's FREE! And you can submit as many entries as you want to. 


The prizes are really good:

Architects:   1st prize RM 1000 with cert
                    2nd prize RM 750 with cert                           
                    3rd prize RM 500 with cert 
                    5 Honourary mention

Public      :   1st prize RM 1000 with cert
                    2nd prize RM 750 with cert                           
                    3rd prize RM 500 with cert 
                    5 Honourary mention

Students :  1st prize RM 750with cert
                    2nd prize RM 500 with cert                           
                    3rd prize RM 250 with cert 
                    5 Honourary mention

Students category prizes are of lesser value compared to the other 2 categories. I wonder why's that...

Anyway, this is a really good opportunity to show your flair at photography, and unearth some facts about the building which picture is taken. 

To cut long story short, click on the poster  or log on to for more information. 

Entries close on Friday, 28 August 2009 before 5.00pm.